Mar 29, 2010

Vuarnet and a Swatch Watch

Alot of the other kids wanted to beat me up, but I was a fast runner, so fuck off.

My life at 14 consisted of skateboarding, burning things, eating lots of Skittles, cereal and other shit like that, throwing snowballs at cars then running away, blowing up cherry bombs, getting pimples, throwing eggs at houses, getting bad grades, discovering Sex Pistols and Black Flag, kissing girls, stealing wood from construction sites and building launch ramps, putting stickers on fucken everything, drawing the Anarchy symbol on duotangs, dubbing cassette tapes, buying comic books, reading Poweredge, finding myself, getting grounded, trying to run away from home then catching a beating from my brother and crying in my bedroom.

But, unlike kids nowadays, I didn't have to wear a helmet to do these things.


  1. im capturing hi8 tapes. im into some real scary territory here. one day you will see it..and cry

  2. we also shit everywhere, all the time