Mar 22, 2010

Top 3 Household Aromas

#1 - Espresso Percolating
This is the potion that gets my ass outta bed each morning. My aunt Raffaela used to babysit me when I was a little boy and my fondest memories of that were always Chips Ahoy cookies and the espresso's she used to make for my uncle Joe. That scent stuck to her finished basement walls. I'm trying to do the same in my townhouse. Plus, something about having an espresso with friends and family makes conversation 100 times better.

#2 - Baked Veal Cutlets and Slow Fried Peppers and Onions
You got to tenderize those veals first (Hi Ana). Scramble up a few eggs, dip those veals, then bread with grated parmigiano, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and some fresh parsley....booooooom! Bake at 350 degrees and you're good. Next thing you know you're like Pepe Le Pew lost in a daze of aroma. Damn, don't forget the slow fried peppers, mushrooms, chopped onion and a chunk of garlic. Use good olive oil you mangiacake. And some Calabrese bread for a sandwich. This aroma is overwhelming because it will usually linger through the house by the time you get to bed, but I get my rest on early, usually by about 10.

#3 - Special Occassions Only - The Scent that comes from Puffin on that La.