Mar 24, 2010

Spike Jonze's I'm Here

When it comes to clumsy robot love, this short film takes the cake. But, I also have a different perspective where I perceive this to be about a manipulative, selfish bitch. But I can be biased as I tend to feel pity towards lonely, delicate humans. In the case of Spike Jonze's "I'm Here" the delicate, lonely human is actually a robot. You can tell from the get go that he's one of those peculiar, bashful dudes that ladies tend to love. And the love he finds in a witty, spontaneous, more futurstic robot chick couldn't stop me from becoming his biggest cheerleader. It's a rather emotional film that might have you holding back tears, surprisingly there were moments I thought one of the main characters might shed some themselves. Basically, I've yet to see an A-list actor put forth as much affection, despair and romanticism as these two leading androids.

Youtube had the 3-part film hosted for a minute, but looks like that shit is gone. It'll surface somewhere, take a gander....

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