Feb 25, 2011

One Free Punch in the Face

Everyone who knows me is allowed one free punch to my face because of this visual right here. And I know many of my friends have been waiting for the opportunity. Basically, I feel the need to be punished because I was in the vicinity of this catastrophe. It was a mannequin setup in Holt Renfrew, my wife tried to get the full scope but the employer who wasn't paying us any attention, changed his viewpoint once she got ready to snap a flick. Fuck you. Maybe I'm just getting old, maybe whoever this Dustin Milligan is, really can't live without his skateboard. But what does Holt Renfrew have to do with skateboarding, what was I doing there in the first place? Anyway, fuck you and your lime green and sorbet orange skateboards you blasphemists.

And really, who approved this shit to go live? Dude must be older and more out of touch than me.

Feb 15, 2011

Inspiration to Stop Spending Cash on Beer Pt. 15

Pay for the research to find out where this Mini is.

Thunder Soft Bushings

Staple Pigeon Pin

Runnymede Theatre

Whenever my wife and I take walks through Bloor West Village, we always have a visit to the Bloor Street Chapters that's housed in the old Runnymede Theatre. Built in 1927, it was known for it's stage and music shows, then converted into a movie theatre in the late '30's. I'm an avid reader and I like to purchase books (Hi Poopy), but I find myself wandering and adoring the interior, almost always neglecting a buy. I took some pictures with my iPhone the other day.
It really is worth a subway ride. If this doesn't interest you in the slightest, walk across the street to the New Balance store and cop you some 574's. You deserve it.

Feb 14, 2011

I Asked Leadfoot What He Thought of this Photoshoot

His response was: "That makes me think of #%m and barf - shaken, not stirred." The first word that I chose to censor was in reference to a manly body fluid. (You're gross Leadfoot).
I still think he kinda digs it, me on the other hand, not really sure how I feel. I would've been cool with them just doing a t-shirt with Harold Hunter's head on it. Although, I feel really good about their SS 2011 lineup:

Uncle Ronny Bonus:

Feb 11, 2011


You don't really exist if you've never met Christian before. He DJ's every Sunday at Crooked Star bar. Go there.

Brent has some pretty fantastic quotes. Here are two of them, you may not understand where he's coming from, but I always do.

Every Other Emcee Should Just Go Ahead and Quit. Right Now.

FYI: Kinda disturbing vid, so I hope this doesn't make your skin crawl.

Feb 10, 2011

We Ordered so Much Taco Bell the Other Night...

(Editor's Note: The Taco Bell at Dufferin/Bloor is a KFC/Taco Bell hybrid, hence the Colonel's head on the paper bag).

Feb 2, 2011

Levi's. Chinos.

Damn, it feels good.

Feb 1, 2011

Honestly, Wouldn't I Look Great Clotheslining a Fool?

Here are a few people I'd like to leap my forearm into.