Feb 25, 2011

One Free Punch in the Face

Everyone who knows me is allowed one free punch to my face because of this visual right here. And I know many of my friends have been waiting for the opportunity. Basically, I feel the need to be punished because I was in the vicinity of this catastrophe. It was a mannequin setup in Holt Renfrew, my wife tried to get the full scope but the employer who wasn't paying us any attention, changed his viewpoint once she got ready to snap a flick. Fuck you. Maybe I'm just getting old, maybe whoever this Dustin Milligan is, really can't live without his skateboard. But what does Holt Renfrew have to do with skateboarding, what was I doing there in the first place? Anyway, fuck you and your lime green and sorbet orange skateboards you blasphemists.

And really, who approved this shit to go live? Dude must be older and more out of touch than me.

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