Oct 22, 2010

Why Did This?

Remind me of this?

How long can you kick a man and demean a man before he can't take it anymore and wants to tear your fucken head off? Watch the above flick directed by Stacy Peralta as it's streaming in 10 parts on youtube. Crips and Bloods: Made in America. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie mainly for the dark American history it expounded and the rebellious nature of a community who couldn't take it anymore. And now it's spiraled out of control with over 15,000 deaths contributed to Crips and Bloods gang warfare. Peralta did an overwhelming job with this movie and the soundtrack especially digs deep. If you're familiar with the above LP, you'd agree that if you were to re-edit the movie with it as the soundtrack, it'd be just as impactful.

Oct 21, 2010

Inspiration to Stop Spending Cash on Beer Pt. 13

Penfield Idlewood Backpack

Gourmet Duck Boot

Oct 20, 2010

If You Ever.....

See me wearing one of these, punch me in the other ear 'til it bleeds.

Oct 18, 2010

Nuggets of Logic

Just cleaning up my desk today and noticed my collection of Sun classics dating back to '06. Pile was mad dusty. Believe it or not, these headlines are very influential upon me. Everything from my train of thought to conversation starters, the source is usually these nuggets of logic, subconsciously of course.

Damn, I could just picture like 6 dudes at a roundtable wearing stone-washed jeans and old Brooks at 4 in the morning with a bucket of KFC tipped over, 2 litres of soda half empty and bloodshot eyes contemplating and discussing. "It's almost deadline, what you got Kevin!??"

Oh to have the opportunity to join that circle of emotion and intelligence. Peep em.

Oct 15, 2010


Check out my boy Pino right from the get-go as he sparks a nice butt. Firstly, he looks very nonchalant and cool, secondly he looks like he'd rather be at the social club playing cards. But it gets better, so smooth Pino is, fuck his name is Pino, what you think. So fucken smooth, his eyes stay closed for the most part. Check out his Twista type flow at :40. Damn, dude can rap. Imagine having lunch with this fucken guy? Wow.

I bet once this performance was done, he got paid, took some farinas, then grabbed the promoter by the ear and called his mother a slut because the lighting was all fucked up.

Thank you for sending me this gem Robby.

Oct 14, 2010

My Favorite Gucci Quotes

Click to enlarge if you want to.

Oct 11, 2010

Halloween Haunt is Always so Damn Fun

My man Eamon looking like a supermodel on the Vortex.

Karate-choppin' Goblins all night yo!

Oct 5, 2010

Inspiration to Stop Spending Cash on Beer Pt. 12

Headporter Lesson Band Card Case

Trickers Leather Boot

Oct 2, 2010

Vid is Craze!

Don't know much about the DQM skate team but this shit is rad, and some of the spots they hitting straight grimy. Check it.