Oct 22, 2010

Why Did This?

Remind me of this?

How long can you kick a man and demean a man before he can't take it anymore and wants to tear your fucken head off? Watch the above flick directed by Stacy Peralta as it's streaming in 10 parts on youtube. Crips and Bloods: Made in America. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie mainly for the dark American history it expounded and the rebellious nature of a community who couldn't take it anymore. And now it's spiraled out of control with over 15,000 deaths contributed to Crips and Bloods gang warfare. Peralta did an overwhelming job with this movie and the soundtrack especially digs deep. If you're familiar with the above LP, you'd agree that if you were to re-edit the movie with it as the soundtrack, it'd be just as impactful.

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