Aug 27, 2010

The Canadian National Exhibition

My first memories of the EX were parking north of the Dufferin gates and walking with my mother and brothers and my father into the fair. The smell has always been special, kinda reminded me of fresh baked donuts. I also remember peaking through the old chain link fence watching the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour at the Old Exhibition stadium.

One time my mother and I went to a Jays game at the stadium and she got hit on the back with a foul ball. She says she doesn't remember that but I think she is just embarassed.

Nevertheless, it's a tradition. Always will be. The Polar Express, Ferris Wheel, Corndogs and Ice Cream Waffles. Don't fuck around.

Didn't Have Enough Ride Tickets for This

Look at all the carving that thing is doing! Looks like a fun session!! Skater ride at the CNE last night, pretty fucken radical indeed.

Watch This Alien Frontside Rock Fakie

Aug 26, 2010


How can a dude from Mississippi with a track called "Country Shit" sound like some Bay Area hip hop from 1993? I am definitely feeling K.R.I.T.'s lyrical flow and production. One man team right here and there's nothing I like more than a mixtape without a thousand guest spots. But if one of your guest spots is Devin The Dude, it's a keeper. There is also a Chopped and Screwed version out there too if you can find it. In the meantime, download this joint:

Aug 25, 2010

My Main Man Tony is Boss

Hahahah, that is the first time I have ever used the term "Boss" before. It works well in this situation. Anyway, Tony is the man situated somewhere in Italy, but we get together whenever he's back home in Canada. Got to hang out with him recently and I forced him to drink his first Guinness, he looked good doing so I must admit. And he fucken enjoyed it too. I received a few beautiful wedding gifts grom my man, a bottle of champagne and a cookbook with Tuscan recipes including Aphrodisiac foods such as asparagus, tomatoes, fava beans and such.

I decided to try this: Tagliatelle with Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula and Parmigianno. Pretty simple actually.
Boil your pasta
Add 2 cloves of chopped garlic to a frying pan with olive oil, brown
Add a handful of torn arugula and a nice bundle of cherry tomatoes you cake
Sautee for a couple of minutes, add Tagliatelle, toss, then add parmigianno.

Thank you for the cookbook Tony.

Aug 10, 2010


Not sure what's up with the post title but I think it's fitting. We found these hot peppers in my friend John's fridge. (Thank you John for letting us have a swim). Not sure who put together this concoction but the taste was something out of this world, the heat, incomprehensible. Boom! These joints were all over my pizza.

Look at how red and sloppy and drunk my lips were. Word to them mysterious hot peppers.

Aug 6, 2010

Longevity Baby

De La Soul - The Return of D.S.T