Nov 16, 2010

Uncle Ronny's Solar System

MARKHAM - A stupefying discovery by the Markham Institute of Astrology has astounded the local community with news of a solar system that can only be viewed by the City of Markham inhabitant coordinates. "It caught us off guard, we scrambled to find meaning and we were slow to believe the truth, but then after all the hubbub, we were fighting over the telescope, we all wanted to look," said Hong Lim, head of the MIA Discoveries Ward. "It was just so calming, it felt like I was nestled under a warm blanket when I gazed at the newly found planets."

For the time being, the new solar system has been given a few different names, from "The Maddomensphere." to "Uncle Ronny's Legion of Planets" even to "I am a Real Man and this is My Solar System."

"We're thinking of having a contest with the local elementary school, see who comes up with the coolest name," said Hong Lim.

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