Nov 23, 2010

Made in Canada

I am a proud Canadian. Just like all other Canucks, I am a big fan of manners and I play by the rules. But Hockey is shit, I don't care about Hockey (sorry Jojo, I still like you though). So whenever I get a chance to buy Canadian made products, I give it a try. Something about seeing the words "Made in Canada" just makes me all mushy inside and makes me want to cry a little bit. Anyway, if you like comfy fleece and clean, simple designs check out Reigining Champ. I bought one their hoodys a few years back and that thing is like a brick, I will have it forever. So I figured I would try them again with this Recycled Fleece Pullover. Yes, recycled fleece. Once again, a worthwhile purchase. Check them out here:

Now I have heard good things about this Naked & Famous Denim out of Montreal. They use Japanese denim and the manufacturing is done in Canada, dope. The good thing is that they are inexpensive, so I copped a pair. No corny back pocket decal, no distressed wash, no rhinestones up and down the fucken pant leg.
Here is a quote from founder Brandon Svarc: "Our philosophy is simple: we use an expensive and superior denim fabric, but keep it raw and simple (no washes, no treatments, no advertising, no celebrity giveaways) so we can sell it for less."
I hope I enjoy these denims. Check them out here:

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  1. this is what going shopping with you is the future!!