Nov 4, 2010

A Garlic in the Hand is Worth Two in China

Ran into this Farmer's Market in the Queen's Quay Terminal today. I asked the friendly woman what the deal was and she mentioned it was something involving proceeds going to United Way. That's good. Honestly, I don't usually contribute because I'd rather give my toonie straight to the homeless dude. Makes me feel better that we are doing a hand to hand connection. But that's besides the point.

I was taken aback a few weeks ago when I was unloading my groceries and noticed my garlic came from China. Fe real, China. I've come to grips that most of my gear is made in China, but I didn't know I was fuckin with their produce too. So you could imagine the delight when I noticed a basket of garlic at this little market, Ontario grown at that. I was so joyous at the site of these tennis ball (exaggeration, but pretty close) sized cloves. $2 a piece! Damn son! I'm down. Take a look at some pics.

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