Sep 8, 2010

The Human Centipede

You know I really thought I was invincible, thought I was a real tough guy who could stomach anything. Until this, The Human Centipede starring Dieter Laser. Probably the most vile piece of cinema I have ever laid my eyes and brain on. It's a story of a lonely, retired, sleep deprived doctor who is just in need of a friend, even though he says he "despises humans". As the title is somewhat self explanatory, I will just say that there are 3 unlucky tourists who end up in the Doctor's laboratory where all kinds of shit ensues, no pun intended.

If I ever find out that Dieter Laser is going to be the voice of a cute, clumsy villain in a Disney Pixar movie, my word, I will contact the fucken authorities. Dude is mad creepy.

Take a look at some of these pics, I had to stop taking shots about half way through because Blogspot would probably destroy my account if I continued. There is one scene that involves lime green puss that will have you cringing so badly your fists will be dug so deep into your sofa, you'd be like fucken David Blaine levitating.

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