Apr 18, 2011

Got Some New Books

Got a few new books today for beach reading in FLA in a few days. This one is about the impact of Jamaican posses in the American underworld of the 80's and 90's. Can't wait to get into this one.

This one is about finding happiness with "Secrets from the World's Happiest People!!" I'm really looking forward to this one because I may come across as cheerful and outgoing to my friends and family, but to my coworkers I look miserable as fuck, and lonely. So, I'm going to ride this train on my journey to happiness!

This is the author. Dude is happy as fuck.

Here's a bonus pic of Raekwon at the Opera House last Friday. I was a bit twisted, I must admit, but I still managed to lose my friends and find a spot with room so I could move my hands and arms around in a all types of hip hop mannerisms. That's Rae on the right.

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