Jan 4, 2011

Just a Thought

Oh wow fuck this ok, fucken fuck you Tim Horton's and your Canadiana bullshit that you push down my throat every month with your pumpkin spice muffin and your candy cane fucken suck my ass donut. You diablos, pushing your patriotism and double double high in sugar and poison. Let's all cheer fucken Team Canada, fuck you, how about we don't. Let's all go to Buffalo and cheer on the under 20's and scream "This is our game!!" and "It's in our blood! It's Hockey!" Oh, and now this, you horrendous piece's of shit and the fucken marketing geniuses behind all these ideas, a fucken Toronto Maple Leafs donut? Oh you fucken diablo bastards, keep us eating out of your hands.

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