Jul 19, 2010

iPhone Diary July 9, 2010 - July 19, 2010

Had a well deserved week away from the office. Now it's Monday and I feel like I'm on another planet, a shitty planet where the inhabitants make me sick. OK, maybe that's a bit drastic. Anyway it was a fulfilling week (with no internet access), but with the absence of my wife who keeps me in check, it was hard to stay focused (sober). Linked up with many friends, new and old, caught up on some reading, ate alot of BBQ, slept in, took walks, ended up on CBC's The National, kicked around the ball, had a couch reupholstered and broke alot of balls. This was confirmed by 4 of my 6 close companions. So now I tend to believe it. Anyway if I happened to remember that I had an iphone in my pocket I took it out and used the shitty camera. Here's some pics of my time away from office time.

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