Jun 8, 2010

Function and Design Pt. 1: The Catering Truck

I think you can get one for like $25,000 but I don't know what the next step to obtaining a route is. Get back to you on that one. For now, adore these pictures.

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  1. When i was young, i worked at a job site where the driver of the coffee truck (that's what us trades call 'em) was pretty creepy. Just before he gave you your change back, he would ask you "in the face or in the mouth?". You had to answer or he'd hold on to your change and you'd get yelled at by some piece of shit bricklayer for holding up the line. I bumped into this coffee truck driver about 5 years later at a stag. He came up to me but I pretended I didn't recognize him because I was with my dad. Then he said, "remember? in the mouth or in the face?" What a dirt bag.