May 6, 2010

A Love Supreme

I'm pretty sure the first time I caught that clean, simple Supreme logo was off a a tee of one the kids in Kids. But, at the same time I may have recognized it through some of the stills from the Zoo York Mixtape...either way I was interested in what it was all about. This was about the time I made the transition of looking up and imitating that Cali skate culture to referencing all the New York shit from Supreme to Zoo York. I held Zoo in the same regard until I noticed some of their gear being sold in Winners, made me sad.
From then on out I've always followed what Supreme has done; from working with Mike Tyson, Kermit and artists such as Kaws and Crumb, I always thought they did it right. From being a skater hangout where people would be intimidated to walk in, to this brand you cannot fuck with, it's all layed out in this thick ass hardcover. From NYC photos of the Supreme crew, photoshoots of product, interviews, X-rated calendar stills, and a product index, this book will reaffirm that Supreme did it first. Fuck all that other shit.

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