Jan 19, 2010

I Reminisce Alot

This shot above was taken at a contest back in 1998 (!) at Board Zone up at Dufferin & Steeles. They used to hold contests every summer for about 3 years. And I remember one winter they had an indoor 3 foot mini ramp that you could skate certain days of the week. There were some hectic snake sessions on that thing. And I also remember boards taking flight and smashing into the ski and snowboard product. We'd giggle like school girls over that shit. I appreciated Board Zone, they were really down to support local skateboarding before it got really popular. Anyway this pic was from a Highest Wallride contest, I think I finished 2nd. My prize was some DC product. I asked if I could trade for a set of Indy's and some Spitfire 55's instead. Done deal, thanks Dean.

Having a hard time trying to pinpoint the place and time on this shot here. I think this is out in Kitchener or London maybe? I'm pretty sure JDM was responsible for this pic, he's nice with the camera.

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